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Wheat Grass Tips

When it comes to Wheat Grass, we've been there, done that, now serving 8 tips in 2 categories ranging from Buying Wheatgrass to Drinking Wheatgrass.

Where can I buy some wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass dosage...

Injesting your first ounce of wheatgrass juice may or may not be a pleasant experience.Most of us living in this high tech society have accumulated a variety of toxins from our food,the environment and elsewhere that can and may effect not only the taste, but the entire feeling of the wheatgrass juice going down.Some claim it gives a warm feeling while others experience nothing at all.Still others report a slight stomachy feeling along with dizziness at first while the remaining sensitive few state rather a cleansing effect.
The bottom line here is that wheatgrass has a powerful detoxification effect on everyone that consumes it and the minute it touches the tounge it is already working feverously to pull things out of the body that don't belong!

For this reason it is recommended to start out with a single ounce a day and build up after a week or so and see how you feel individually.Some can tolerate up to ten ounces a day, but for the average person after the initial training period 2 to 3 ounces should be sufficient per person.

Where can I buy some wheatgrass?

Quality comes from a number of sources.

Good quality wheatgrass juice is best grown and juiced in the comfort of home much like picking vegetables from your own garden-you know where it came from!
If its frozen its simply not that fresh,if the grass has been in cold storage too long then it could be somewhat depleted in nutrients before a juice bar juices it.There's not always a good way to determine this unless of course you grow your own.
If you should happen to see the person juicing your grass, make sure of its bright green color and that its standing up straight and does'nt look too dry.Then you may be getting your money's worth.

Where can I buy wheatgrass

Growing your own is the best way yet!

Growing wheatgrass is not difficult once you know what your doing. Its like a house plant that simply needs watering once you do the planting and preparation.There are "Wheatgrass Kits" available with full instruction on this very subject and you'll want to find one that comes complete with everything mentioned in these quotes to be sure your grass comes up bright green and beautiful!

Where can I buy wheatgrass

Mixing Wheatgrass

Be careful what you mix with your wheatgrass juice. Since it is a highly alkaline substance (and we want to keep it that way) don't mix wheatgrass with acidic juices such as citrus or tomato.Try carrot or other low acid juices if you need a chaser to pallet the strong taste.

Where can I buy some wheatgrass?

Freezing Wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass juice can lose a good deal of its enzymes while frozen, but still contains much of the vitamins,minerals and all of the chlorophyl.So if there's simply no other way to get it or you managed to juiced too much and need a way to store it, then freeze it!

Where can I buy some wheatgrass?

Where can I find it?

You may have a real problem finding wheatgrass at your local grocery store. They do not specialize in such things,however many large chain stores stock live wheatgrass. You will need a special juicer to extract the juice if you buy it it flats or you may get it already juiced from thier juice bar.You can grow it yourself as well with a wheatgrass kit.See other tips on that...

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