Wheatgrass dosage...

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Wheatgrass dosage...

Injesting your first ounce of wheatgrass juice may or may not be a pleasant experience.Most of us living in this high tech society have accumulated a variety of toxins from our food,the environment and elsewhere that can and may effect not only the taste, but the entire feeling of the wheatgrass juice going down.Some claim it gives a warm feeling while others experience nothing at all.Still others report a slight stomachy feeling along with dizziness at first while the remaining sensitive few state rather a cleansing effect.
The bottom line here is that wheatgrass has a powerful detoxification effect on everyone that consumes it and the minute it touches the tounge it is already working feverously to pull things out of the body that don't belong!

For this reason it is recommended to start out with a single ounce a day and build up after a week or so and see how you feel individually.Some can tolerate up to ten ounces a day, but for the average person after the initial training period 2 to 3 ounces should be sufficient per person.



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